With each passing day, we accomulate fatigue, muscle cramps, tension, lack of tonicity... Choose the Spa Marie de Bourgogne for a complete and efficient fitness program in an elegant and personalized atmosphere. Our spa practitioners are attentive to your needs and will provide you with a dedicated solution to your needs. Thanks to our more traditional treatments or our high end technology, regain vitality and liveliness.

Full body Cryotherapy -170°C

3 minutes

Discover treatment using intense and brief cold to reinvigorate your body, release muscle tensions, recover sleep and eliminate daily stress. A technological treatment with complete immersion in a liquid nitrogen bath encased in a pink fur cocoon, refinement oblige! 3 minutes for an express relaxation during your day.

Packages available, contact us.

Cryo 21

Cryo 21 body : 45 min

Thanks to this ultra innovative technology, sculpt your body according to your needs: toning, slimming... Intense cold (-10°) will break down the fat cells that will then be naturally eliminated by your body, without intrusion, and correct unslight areas of your body.
-   Immediate and permanent results after the first session.
-    Before/after photo
-    Before/after measurements
-   Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications.

Packages possible; contact us.

Cryo 21 face 45 min
On perfectly cleansed and prepared skin, a flash of very intense cold that tightens the skin, fights against skin aging and repairs the marks of time, minimizes puffiness and dark circles. Once the treatment is finished, you feel your face lighter and revitalized, your complexion is clearer, the skin plumped.
-   Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications, questionnary.
-  Before/after photos.

Packages possible; contact us.


20 min - 30 min 

Thanks to the water and hydrojets, your movements and efforts are much easier and the effects multiplied.

In an individual cabin, the efficiency of the bike will help shape a tone and slimmer silhouette, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce cellulitis.

Work out in music or with the television in front of the bike.

Packages possible, contact us.

Chromotherapy 21

25 min - 30 min - 40 min 

Discover the power of colored lights (13 colors).

Each color has a different wave length, which will stimulate the body and rebalance it depending on its needs in energy.
Our different programs are elaborated by professional chromotherapists (personalized color combinations, sequences lengths). Nervousness or lack of energy, imbalance, sagging or damaged skin (scars, acnes)...Share with us your needs for a personalized Chromotherapy session.

Packages possible, contact us.

Chromo ios 21

45 min

Try out the effects of Chromotherapy 21 associated with electro-stimulation. 
A gentle electric current will stumulate your muscles to shape, slim and tone your body, and improve aesthetic and lymphatic drainage.
Results are accelerated thanks to Chromotherapy 21, therapy using colored lights, allowing your body to restore harmony depending on the different light frequences and the actions they enduce.

- Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications (questionnaire).
- Before/after photos.
- Measurements depending on the program.

Packages possible; contact us.

TouchSkin 21

15 min - 30 min

Performed by a professional practitioner, this non-invasive electrocoagulation technique has proved to be extremely efficient in improving skin conditions (such as spots, stretch marks, scars) aging skin (crow's feet, hands, deep wrinkles, drooping eyelids, lip contour), or to erase a tatoo.
Your skin is naturally stimulated and will encourage cell regeneration. 

- Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications.
- Before/after photos


30 min

Slip on these these innovative boots to pamper your legs. Depending on your needs, select either the draining action or a gentle massage. They help fight water retention, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, help eliminate fat cells. Result: lighter legs, softer and more toned. 

Packages possible; contact us.

Bed Jouvence / Flotation bed

10 min - 20 min - 30 min

The treatment begins (dressed or not) on a soft matress. Lying down, let the warm water (33°Celsius) wrap around your body, feel the soft massages.

The delicate sensation of literally floating will unwind your body and spirit. And when the matress re-inflates, it feels like a reawakening !

Hydrojet - Wellsystem

10 min - 20 min - 30 min

Occasional fatigue or after a long day at work, a journey by night, jetlag?

Hydrojet is the solution to recover tonus and vivacity! Fully dressed, lay down in complete serenity on the heated water mattress. The dry hydromassage, similar to Shiatsu (pressure points) will release tension in fragile or unusually tense areas.

For additional efficiency, we associate to this treatment the Chromotherapy technology.

The experience is complete with the delicate fragrances of wood or citrus depending on the season.


20 min - 30 min

130 water jets of variable intensity and temperature in a bath with essential oils, to stimulate blood circulation, meridians and release the body of its' tensions

Fitness room

Situated at the top of the panoramic tower, this bright fitness room awaits Hotel and Spa guests for cardio sessions using modern high-technology equipement while enjoying the view from the tower overlooking the rooftops and church spires of the city. Open 24/7.