Spa in Beaune, Burgundy

Daily stress, physical and emotional fatigue, pollution, natural aging of the skin... These ailments are well-known ! The Spa Marie de Bourgogne has decided to respond to this by providing a complete offer including rituals, massages, body care and other techniques at the forefront of innovation. Our professional therapists listen to your needs and propose the treatment or complete program most adapted to restore your well-being and relaxation in cozy and intimist treatment cabins. Trust us for an in-depth program.


Our Rituals for children  

Discover our new rituals specially conceived for children. Adapted and personalized care but above all, a playful moment. We selected the Colin Maillard world to cater for children’s needs : the selected fragrances tend to affect positively the behavior as well as the mood of the child so as to lead him towards peace of mind and relaxation. The special decoration of the room contributes to a confident and playful feel. Before the treatment the processes integrate a small game with the help of a card that allows the child to identify his emotion of the moment, thanks to the wide range of emotions.  
Thus the practitioner's hands will adapt their manoeuvres in such a way as to accompany the child in letting go and soothing. Then, he will be suggested themes to allow him to let his imagination run wild.


« Prince / Princess » Ritual

Emotions Game followed by a massage with organic sweet almond oil.





30min or 1h,
from 3 years old.

« Jolie Ballerine / Super Hero » Ritual

Emotions Game followed by a facial treatment with magic gum followed by a facial massage.




30min, from 3 years old.

« Little Gourmandise » Ritual

Complete facial treatment including exfoliation, mask and facial massage




30min, from 7 years old.

« DIVIN » Ritual

 Complete facial treatment including exfoliation, mask, face and back massage with "chocolate spread" or "grenadine" balm.



1h, from 7 years old.

Parent / Child Duet Ritual

The tailor-made treatment that you will experience together will take you in a playful way towards optimum relaxation, a moment of grace, calm and pleasure ... A moment of complicity to share.


30min or 1h,
from 7 years old.

All our rituals include a 30 minutes access to the H2O area ( Steam room, Sauna, sensorial shower) before the beginning of the treatment.
We use cosmetics from the Vinésime brand (except for the detox ritual)..

Le Cep ritual : 2h
Exfoliating scrub using Richebourg Grand Cru followed by the custom Le Cep massage, either tonic or soft.

Marie de Bourgogne ritual : 2h40
Exfoliating scrub using Richebourg Grand Cru, followed by a cocooning Vinésime wrap on a flotation bed to hydrate and relax your body in depth, and a custom Le Cep massage. To enjoy without moderation.

Grand Cru ritual : 4h
A symbolic name for a premium ritual. Exfoliating scrub with Richebourg Grand Cru, relaxing Vinésime body wrap on a flotation bed, massage and facial with pinot noir extract and also Vinésime's blackcurrant berry bud. Take care of yourself thanks to the polyphenols and the naturally antioxidant virtues of the vine products.

Detox ritual: 2h10.
A tribute to oriental traditions, includes a black-soap scrub to do on your own. Travel to Morocco with the rhassoul body mask, followed by an Indian massage to rebalance your energies.

Grand Millésime ritual, Duo experience : 4h.
An unforgettable experience of intimacy and well-being for two. To live intensely while savoring a glass of champagne (offered) at the end of your ritual.


Signature Massages

Le Cep Signature Massage : 30 min - 45 min- 60 min.
Holistic massage for both your body and your mind. A global treatment that works in deep for full and complete relaxation. Our practitioner adapts the massage (light and soft, tonic) according to your desires and your needs.

Vinésime Signature Massage : 1h15.
All the regenerating and oxygenating benefits of pinot noir and blackcurrant buds gather greedy and sweety balm for a polysensory, global and relaxing treatment..

Massages of the world

Thaï Inspired short massage: 10 min - 20 min.
A very efficient express formula ideal to quickly relax and rebalance yourself. The massage of the back and the legs is practiced fully-dressed.

Foot Reflexology : 30 min.
It is in the arches of the foot that our nervous system is concentrated. Reflexology combines the precise knowledge of the sensitive points and the plantar massages which stimulate and rebalance the energy flows to fight stress and release tensions in all your body.

Relaxing Lomi-Lomi Massage : 45 min- 60 min
In the Hawaiian tradition, Lomi means to massage, rub, squeeze, knead, caress. Enjoy a slow and deep massage to the rhythm of the 4 elements for complete fullness of the body and mind.

Energizing Indian Massage : 45 mn- 60 mn
Inspired by the Indian tradition, this massage rebalances the energies between the body and the spirit to recover harmony of the chakras. It is at the same time revitalizing, energizing and relaxing.

Relaxing deep tissu Massage : 45 mn- 60 mn
This sports massage focuses on the deep muscles of the sensitive areas of your body. It relieves tensions, soothes, frees joints and oxygenates muscles.

Hot Stone Massage : 60 mn
The contact of hot basalt stones (between 50 ° and 60 °) relieves muscular tension. Then let the heat spread softly and slowly. A manual massage amplifies the natural effect of stones allowing you to let go completely.

Hot Stone Massage : 60 mn
The contact of hot basalt stones (between 50 ° and 60 °) relieves muscular tension. Then let the heat spread softly and slowly. A manual massage amplifies the natural effect of stones allowing you to let go completely.

Body care

Vinesime's body care

Exfoliating scrub with Pinot Noir "Richebourg Grand Cru"
30 min

An exceptional formula to gently purify your skin, stimulate and restore its radiance. Composed of Grand Cru Pinot Noir grape seeds and stalks, this oily gel flushes impurities and dead cells while wrapping your body with a soft, silky film.

Revitalizing and anti-age body wrap using red grapes from Burgundy
35 min

Nourish your body deeply thanks to the polyphenols and antioxidant power of the grapes. Literally enveloped by a micronized powder of seeds and black grape pulp from Richebourg, your skin is regenerated, hydrated and softened. Relax on the flotation bed. In contact with water, the powder develops creamy and penetrating texture. Cocooning effect guaranteed.

Detox body care

Cleansing scrub black soap
35 min

Traditionally used by women during their ritual in the steam bath, this 100% natural product used with a Kessa glove is known for its exfoliating power. It deeply cleanses and purifies your skin.

Purifying Rhassoul body wrap
35 min

This natural clay exclusively from Morocco has an exceptional nourishing power. Your cleansed skin regains radiance and health.

Body care using cold

Full-body cryotherapy - 170°C
3 min

Experience brief and intense cold to energize your whole body, release muscle tension, recover sleep and eliminate the stress of everyday life. A technological care fully immersed in a bath of liquid nitrogen in a pink fur case ; refinement oblige! 3 minutes ideal for an express relaxation in the heart of your day.
Possible packages, contact us.

Cryo 21
45 min

With this highly innovative technology, the practitioner sculpts your body according to your needs : firming, slimming. The intense cold (-10 °) allows the bursting of the fat cell which will be eliminated naturally by the body, without intrusion, and correct unsightly areas.
Immediate and permanent results from the first session

Before / after photos
Before / after measurements
Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications.

Facial care by Vinésime

Beauty break 30 minute :a radiance treatment to moisturize and smooth your skin.

Grapevine vital force 60 min : a complete care for better cellular oxygenation, optimal hydration, a smooth face and an incomparable glow.

Vin'hydra Intense 60 min : a sensory getaway offering rest and well-being. This treatment brings comfort and radiance to your skin and the application of a specific mask helps maintain its hydration rate. The facial features are rested, the complexion radiant.

Facial care using cold

Gentle eye care 30 min : Quick and thorough, this specific method of eye contour care combines the cold of Cryo 21 with eye patches. It has a lifting and decongestant effect.

Cryo 21 face 45 min : On perfectly cleansed and prepared skin, a flash of very intense cold that tightens the skin, fights against skin aging and repairs the marks of time, minimizes puffiness and dark circles. Once the treatment is finished, you feel your face lighter and revitalized, your complexion is clearer, the skin plumped.
-Personalized interview, prerequisites, contraindications, questionnary.
- Before / after photos.

Facial care Le Cep 60 min : a complete facial with Cryo 21 and Chromo 21 for best results. The skin is beautiful, firmer and radiant.

Cosmestic treatments


Complete manicure with nail polish: 50 min
Carefully prepared and hydrated hands, cleaned, shaped and polished nails, perfect shapes for a very brilliant result.

Manicure complete with french: 60 min
One hour of treatment (cleaned, shaped and polished nails) and care for beautiful hands with French style and elegance.


Complete pedicure with nail polish : 50 min
Preparation (cleaned, repaired, shaped and polished nails) and beauty of the feet for glowing nails and for a long time.

Complete pedicure with french : 60 min
Full foot beauty (cleaned, shaped, polished, hydrated feet) with a refined glamorous note. An hour of delicacy for a very elegant result.

Nail Polish : 20 min

Removal of semi-permanent polish : 30 min 

Make up

Day Makeup 40 min
After a gentle cleansing of your skin, let our beauty therapist sublimate your face. Soft, bright, winter or summer colors... it's up to you.

Evening makeup : 50 min
To be the most beautiful of the evening! Our makeup illuminates your complexion and highlights your features, following the seasons, your outfits and your desires.

Full body Cryotherapy - 170°C

Come and enjoy this extreme cold experience, to boost your entire body, release muscle tension, recover sleep and eliminate daily stress. A technological treatment with complete immersion in a nitrogene liquid bath encased in a pink fur cocoon; refinement oblige ! 3 minutes for an express relaxation in your day. Packages available, contact us.

Jouvence bed/Flotation bed

10 min - 20 min - 30 min

The treatment begins (dressed or not) on a soft matress. Lying down, feel the warm water (33°Celsius) wrapping around your body, feel the soft massages. The delicate sensation of literally floating will unwind your body and spirit. And when the matress re-inflates, it feels like a reawakening ! 


10 min - 20 min - 30 min

Occasional fatigue or after a long day at work, a journey by night, jetlag? Hydrojet is the solution to recover tonus and vivacity! Fully dressed, lay down in complete serenity on the heated water mattress. The dry hydromassage, similar to Shiatsu (pressure points) will release tension in fragile or unusually tense areas. For additional efficiency, we associate to this treatment the Chromotherapy technology. The experience is complete with the delicate fragrances of wood or citrus depending on the season.


20 min - 30 min

130 water jets of variable intensity and temperature in a bath with essential oils, to stimulate blood circulation, meridians and release the body of its' tensions.

Chromotherapy 21 

25 min - 30 min - 40 min

Discover the power of colored lights (13 colors). 

Each color has a different wave length, which will stimulate the body and rebalance it depending on its needs in energy.

Our different programs are elaborated by professional chromotherapists (personalized color combinations, sequences lengths).

Nervousness or lack of energy, imbalance, sagging or damaged skin (scars, acne)...Share with us your needs for a personalized Chromotherapy session.

Packages possible, contact us.


30 min

Slip on these innovative boots to pamper your legs. Depending on your needs, select either the draining action or a gentle massage. They help fight water retention, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, help eliminate fat cells. Result: lighter legs, softer and more toned. 

Packages possible; contact us.